Conversational Analytics

Witlingo is a full stack SaaS product that enables you to continually learn about your conversations. We provide out-of-the-box Analytics that measure how your conversation is performing for your customers.

Conversational Diagnostics

The Witlingo SaaS product provides you with actionable information that enables you to ensure that your conversations are conforming to UX best practices.

Field Research

If you need field researchers who will engage your customers and designers, we have built a large network of certified conversational experience researchers that you can engage. Go here if you want to join the Witlingo UX network.

CX Design

If you need Conversational Experience (CX) designers, we have built a large network of certified and qualified CX design professionals that we can make available for your team. Go here if you want to join the Witlingo UX network.


If you need developers, we have built a network of vetted software engineers who will work with your team to build robust, secure and scalable software for your conversations. Go here if you want to join the Witlingo developer network.

Beta Testing

Witlingo also provides you access to a large, ready-made Beta community of users who will test and provide you with feedback on your conversations before you launch them. Go here if you want to join the Witlingo Beta community.

Platform-Independent Development & Deployment

Witlingo enables you to deliver a consistent customer experience on a variety of platforms.

  • Google

Witlingo Conversational Analytics™

Witlingo enables you to view and generate reports that provide you with insight into the performance of your conversations. You will know how customers are engaging with your conversations, where they are failing and where they are succeeding, where they are finding value and where they are not, enabling you to make both design and business decisions based on the collected data and what you have learned.

Witlingo Conversational Diagnostics™

The Witlingo Conversational Diagnostics tool analyzes the language used in your conversations and provides you with actionable information that will enable you to improve the usability of your conversations. With the click of a button, you will receive information on where exactly your design is not following well established conversational dialog best practices and what to do about it.

Witlingo API™

The Witlingo Restful API™ enables you to post data elements and content to the Witlingo Cloud.  You embed within your code Witlingo Restful API calls and the rest is taken care of by Witlingo: from out of the box Analytics to actionable UX Diagnostics, that collectively enable you to deliver valuable and enjoyable conversations.