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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • "If you want a soup-to-nuts deployment on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana, you can’t do better than partner with Witlingo. This team knows how to get things done."
    John KeelingJohn KeelingSVP, Business Development, The Motley Fool
  • "The Witlingo team is passionate and a stickler for excellence. They clearly love what they are doing and we have loved partnering with them."
    Yvette PasquaYvette PasquaChief Technology Officer, Meetup
  • We literally had to do nothing to get our Alexa skill up and launched. The Witlingo team took care of everything for us, from designing, to building, to hosting, to giving us a portal to track our Alexa skill. Witlingo is the best!”
    David L. FerroDavid L. FerroDean, College of Applied Science and Technology, Weber State University
  • “I’ve worked with Witlingo on an important project and I was impressed by their deep knowledge in the voice space, their work ethic, and their impressive reliability. I highly recommend them.”
    Michael ZirngiblMichael ZirngiblFounder & CEO, Interact.io
  • "This is a committed team with lots of expertise and lots of passion. It has been a pleasure working with them."
    Douglas SolomonDouglas SolomonInnovation Consultant, IDEO Fellow, and Former SVP at Apple
  • "This is a committed team with lots of expertise and lots of passion. It has been a pleasure working with them."
    Jenni EastmanJenni EastmanDirector of Marketing Operations, Cooley LLP




Witlingo is a full stack SaaS product that enables you to continually measure how your customer voice conversations are performing through the Witlingo portal.


The Witlingo SaaS product provides you with actionable information that enables you to ensure that your conversations are conforming to UX best practices.


Witlingo Discovery enables you to examine the language that your customers are using so that you can continually expand your feature set to what users want.


Our UX team not only designs highly usable experiences, but also works with our product team to ensure that all of our products are VUI proof.


We have optimized our development to ensure that we build once and deploy on all three platforms with minimal effort, passing on the savings to our clients.


We are a certified, preferred partners with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and are therefore able  to expedite the certification of our deployments of Alexa skills, Google Actions, and Cortana skills.



We are Preferred Partners of Amazon, Google and Microsoft