Building The Voice First Web

Launch a best in class, business grade Amazon Alexa skill/Google Assistant action/Samsung Bixby capsule in a matter of days. We are affordable, have lots of satisfied clients, and are certified by Amazon, Google, and Samsung.

Why Witlingo?

Easy to use

Use the Buildlingo CMS to build and manage your skills and actions. Anyone who can manage a Youtube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, can easily use Buildlingo.

Feature rich

Here are some of the out of the box features: Outbound Notifications, Analytics and Discovery, Alexa skill Monetization, First Domain surfacing, Visuals displays, Ability to let your users share audio comments, Voice First Boards, and much more.

Pay as you Go

We are a Software as a Service company. You pay as you go on a monthly basis. No large upfront investment required.


Packages start as low as $500/month with a one time set up fee of $1,000.


Build and launch your content and your experiences on multiple platforms at once: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby and coming soon, Ali Genie.

Certified Partners

We are certified partners on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Micrsosoft Cortana, and Samsung Bixby.


Alexa’s voice can now express disappointment and excitement

Excited & honored to be a finalist for Voice/AI Commentator of the Year and among such a distinguished group. What a way to mark VoiceBrew's 1 yr anniversary in a few weeks.

Grateful for the supportive and welcoming #VoiceFirst community on every one of those (almost) 365 days!

Top technologists to watch in #voice

@brada at @ActionsOnGoogle
John Giannandrea at @Apple
Rohit Prasad at @alexa99
@drjasonmars at @ClincAI
Chris Mitchell at @audioanalytic
Larry Heck at @SamsungUS
@didou at @witlingo
@einkoenig at @jovotech


Marketing in 2025: Five key trends that will drive the future

#2 The rise of #voicemarketing: The increased use of voice assistants has opened new door of opportunities for marketers.

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