Buildlingo℠ enables you to easily create and maintain an Amazon Alexa skill that is focused on helping your customers quickly get answers to questions about your products and services.

Here’s how easy it is for you to build, launch and maintain your customer care Alexa skill:

  • First download the Buildlingo mobile app, available on iOS and Android.
  • Then, using the App,  record snippets that describe your products and services.  After that, record a handful of audio snippets for Greeting, Help, Main choices, and Ending, and then publish the audio content with the click of a button on the mobile app. 
  • After that, fill out the form below or email us at and we will get you published on the Alexa skills store in a matter of days.

For more details about the mobile app, please check out this video:

Here’s an example of an Alexa skill that was built using theBuildlingo mobile app:


Basic Premium Unlimited
Setup Fee (1 platform) $500 $750 $1,000
Set up fee per additional platform $250 $375 $500
Monthly Fee (1 platform) $500 $750 $1000
Monthly Fee per additional platform $250 $375 $500


Total Audios 30 100 Unlimited
 Total Invocations/Month 30,000 60,000 Unlimited
Web Portal Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Web Portal Discovery No Yes Yes
Outbound Notifications No No Yes