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  • Derek Botten:

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  • “Global sales of smart speakers in Q1 2020 reached 28.2 million units, an increase of 8.2 per cent on Q1 2019, according to research from Strategy Analytics.” —

Voice First Term of the week

  • Persona: The personality of the assistant (formal, playful, chatty, trustworthy, aggressive, friendly, etc.) that comes across the way the assistant engages with the user. The persona is influenced by factors such as the perceived gender and age of the assistant, the type of language the assistant uses, how the assistant handles errors, whether the assistant is verbose or succinct, the assistant’s responsiveness, and how fast or slow it speaks. An assistant will always project a persona, regardless whether or not the designers of the assistant deliberately crafted that persona.

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“Are you aware that your smartphone may be listening to you continuously just as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are?”


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