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  • “Juniper Research posted.. findings… which examined the number of smart voice assistant devices that exist in 2020. The firm estimated how many there will be in 2024 based on the expected growth, and the numbers are actually pretty shocking. According to the report, we can expect to see a staggering 8.4 billion voice assistant devices in the wild. By the end of 2020, the company expects there to be approximately 4.2 billion devices, which means the number will double over the next four years.” —

Voice First Term of the week

  • Tapered Prompting: The technique of eliding a prompt or a piece of a prompt in the context of a multistep interaction or a multi-part system response. For example, instead of the system asking repetitively, “What is your level of satisfaction with our service?” “What is your level of satisfaction with our pricing?” “What is your level of satisfaction with our cleanliness,” the system would ask: “What is your level of satisfaction with our service?” “How about our pricing?” “And our cleanliness?” The technique is used to provide a more natural and less robotic-sounding user experience.

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