Voice First technologies on Smart Speakers (Amazon Echo, Google Home) and mobile devices are emerging as the latest iteration in the evolution of human to machine interfaces.  Indeed, according to comscore, by 2020, it is expected that 50% of searches done in the US will be done via voice: people asking questions by speaking to a device.

What makes the voice first interface compelling is its eyes-free/hands-free nature.  The user doesn’t need to look at anything or touch anything to be able to use it.  Crucial also is the interface is natural: the user doesn’t need to pause to figure out how to engage: they can just talk — a thing the vast majority know how to do,  do very well, and do a lot of.

The Voice First interface is especially compelling when applied to patient-care use cases in the healthcare industry.

Here’s a video of two Alexa skills that were deployed using the Buildlingo platform: the first one for a clinical trial use case and the second for knee surgery outpatient care:

A few key things that a user of an Alexa skill/Google action can do:
– Get answers to questions that the user may have (in the examples above, about clinical trials and post-surgery)
– Receive notifications and alerts: for instance, when there is new information that may be of interest to participants/patients
– For those who have a visual device (an Echo Show/Spot, a Google tablet), see pictures, illustrations, and other graphics
– And more…

In addition to a published Amazon Alexa skill/Google Assistant action, here are some additional things that creators of the skill/action are able to do using Witlingo’s tools:
Analytics showing the traffic that the skill/action is generating
– Exactly what people are asking
– The ability to send outbound notifications from the Witlingo web portal to users of Alexa skill or Google action
– The ability to upload audio files that will be played for users
– The ability to upload images that will be shown to users who have a visual component to their voice device
– And more…

To try out the two Alexa skills shown in the video above, go here:


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