Sound is humankind’s one universal language and a very powerful way to evoke brand identity.   We all know the famous ones: Netflix’s Knock Knock, Duracell’s two notes and a slam, NBC’s three tones, Intel’s five note jingle, Apple’s start up chime, and Mastercard’s newly revealed audio logo, just to name a few.

How about your brand?  As the voice first digital revolution unfolds, now is the time to begin crafting the sound of your brand, and one of the first things you can start with is to create and establish your Voice First Logo.

We at Witlingo made sure that we settled on ours from the very start.  Here it is:.

The sound represents who we are in three notes. We are sharp, fast, and lasting. How about a sound that represents you? What would your brand sound like if we were to use a few notes to capture its essence?

If you would like to talk to us more about establishing your presence in the emerging voice first world, drop us a note(!) by filling out the form below.